Calendar Page



8th 8:00am  – Men’s Breakfast

12:00pm – You are invited to Nick Hayman’s Graduation party @ Rutland State Park

14th 6:00pm – VBS workers meeting & cookout

16th Capitol improvement fund offering

20th 7:00pm Quarterly Business Meeting

22nd 10:00am Country Fair/VBS sign up

24th-28th – 9:00am Vacation Bible School

(chocolate chip cookies needed for vbs)


6th 6:00pm Communion

11th Widows Luncheon – All Widows, please see Kim so we can plan if this is a good date.

12th  8:00am Men’s Breakfast

13th Jacob Morse & Family will be with us presenting their ministry in the morning service.

18th 6:00pm Naomi Ladies Fellowship @ Jolene Mason’s home.

20th Capitol improvement fund offering.

26th PBC Picnic @ Rutland state park

27th 6:00pm – Singspiration






Ladies Bible Study meet at 9:00 am on Tuesdays