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"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

Matthew 18:20

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Original History Documents

Pilgrim Baptist Church began as a Bible study group meeting first in the house of Doris and Rodney Nickerson in Hardwick. This group grew rapidly and on April 25, 1970 at a meeting held at the home of Dr. John Harris in Palmer, the decision was made to organize this fellowship into a fundamental, separated, Bible-believing Baptist church.

A meeting place was rented at 167 Main St. in North Brookfield in what had once been a bar room. The church grew and flourished during theses days at what the people jokingly referred to as "Bar Room Baptist". On October 28, 1970 a meeting was held to adopt a constitution and Rev. Carl E. Branham was called as Pastor. About a year later, on October 15, 1971 A Recognition Council was held at which delegates sent by Baptist churches from throughout New England voted to recognize Pilgrim Baptist as a duly organized Baptist church. The church officially incorporated in the State of Massachusetts

on October 30, 1972.

By November of 1974 the church had paid for 9.75 acres of land at our current location on West Brookfield Road. Eighty-thousand dollars was borrowed from a local bank and by faith work was begun on the new meeting house in May of 1976. This was a very special time as most of the work was done by the members and friends of the church. The church moved into the basement portion of the building in December of 1976.  The building was complete and the first formal service was held upstairs on June 10, 1977. Several improvements have been made to the property over the years. A steeple was added in 1986 and a handicap lift in 1989. The parking lot was paved in July 1990.

Pastor Branham served the Lord faithfully here  for more than 36 years until the Lord called him home in August of 2006. He was tireless in his service and exemplary in his life as he shepherded the flock of God here through the years. He taught us so much and he is sorely missed.

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